About Us


Dear Students,

A wide number of private coaching institutes exist in Delhi as well as in various other parts of the country. But I believe that people who have a positive attitude in life, dedication towards the profession, strong will power and clear concepts in mind can always make their room at the top.
We, at Abhayaas studies, have a pool of such talented and dedicated teachers who, along with me, have produced excellent results in the Annual Board Examinations every year. At present, we claim prominence in Delhi in preparing students of Classes IX, X, XI and XII for their school Internals and CBSE examination every year.
Abhayaas Studies was established way back in 2000 and since then it has grown from a small sapling to a giant tree. This has been possible with the blessings of the Almighty, and due to hard work and commitment of the Teachers towards the profession and by keeping humane concern towards our students.
As the Managing Director of the institute, I try to amalgamate academic and professional achievements with character building and sense of discipline in the students before they enter into their professional career. Furthermore, I feel it is of utmost and sole concern to club the academic Success with humanitarian values in their career. To me, a student is like a canvas, and what picture it will reflect depends on the skills and attitude of his/her guide.
There comes a time in life when you are standing at a crossroad and thinking whether to turn left or right. You have a moment to decide and a lifetime to feel proud or repent. I assure you that joining the Abhayaas Studies will be the safest path to follow and feel proud throughout your life rather than taking risk of trying your hands at any other Institute.
I am fortunate enough to have the association of very dedicated faculty and staff members with these heights would have been only a dream.
We ensure to be the harbinger of education and illumination in your life. Wishing you a bright Career ahead.